Lesson 15 Homework 3-2-1 Cake Recipe

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Aunt Betty's 1-2-3 Cake

 I just love when friends and family send me new things they have found and they invite me to try them too.  My husband's Aunt Betty sent me this a few weeks ago and I just got around to trying it out and it is a WINNER!!

You could even make this up and give a Christmas gifts  either the whole recipe or in a small glass jelly jar with the directions to make more and how to mix up and bake.  As a quick and lightly laden (calorie wise) desert it is a find.

NOTE: I do not make any claims regarding calorie or weight watchers points because it would vary according to what brand and what flavors of cake mix you are using.   Others have made statements in the notes sections and I have no way to know if any or all are accurate so please beware.

You simply assemble as follows:

1 box Angel Food cake mix
1 box any flavor cake mix
2 T. water


Using a large plastic bowl with a tightly fitting lid or a large zip lock bag, combine the two boxes of cake mix stirring or shaking well.

For each individual serving,  take out 3 T. of the cake mixture and mix it with 2 T. of water in a small microwave safe container.  I used a small coffee mug.  Microwave on high for 1 minute.  You now have your own instant individual cake and it is warm and inviting.  You can top with a dollop of fruit or whipped topping if you like.

Try various flavors of cake mix but it must always be combined with an Angel Food mix.

Keep the mix tightly sealed in an airtight container until used and remember:  This recipe is called 1-2-3 Cake because all you need to remember is 3 T.mix, 2 T. water, and 1 minute in the microwave.

And a big thank you goes out to Aunt Betty!!

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