Battelle Developmental Inventory Example Report Assignment


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:The Motor domain of the BDI-2 assesses a child's ability to control and use the large andsmall muscles of the body. This includes gross and fine motor and perceptual motorskills. On this measure Sebastian received a score of 79; which is below ageexpectations. His skills in perceptual motor were more developed than his gross and finemotor skills, which were in the below age expectations. He was able to walk backwardfor 5 feet, jump forward with both feet together, remove forms from a form board,string 4 large beads, stack 8 cubes vertically and copy a circle. He had difficulty walkingdown stairs without assistant, alternating feet, use pads of fingertips to grasp a penciland copy a cross. He was not able to copy the letters V, H, L, draw a person with 6 partstrace designs with curved part or walk in a straight line, heel-to-toe for 4 or more steps.Sebastians teacher reports that he cannot copy letters or simple shapes, does not havea dominant hand and does not have a mature grasp.On the Child Development Inventory (CDI), completed by Sebastians father Bo,Sebastian was well below 2 standard deviations below the norm for gross motor andmore than 1 standard deviations below for fine motor.


Sebastian needs to improve his gross and fine motor skills, including being able to walkdown stairs without assistance, to copy simple letters and shapes and developing amature grasp.

Self-Help / Adaptive

:The adaptive domain of the BDI-2 measures the child's ability to use the informationand skills acquired in the other two domains. The subdomains in this area are self care,which assesses a child's ability to perform the tasks associated with daily routines andincreasing autonomy, and personal responsibility which assess a child's ability toperform simple chores, initiate and carry out play, carry out tasks with minimalprompting and avoid common dangers. On this measure Sebastian received a score of 78; which is in the below age expectations. His skills in personal responsibility weremuch more developed than his self care skills; which fell in the low range. He was ableto feed himself, remove his own clothing, unassisted, show care when handling aninfant or a small animal and demonstrates caution and avoids common dangers. He haddifficulty initiating and organizing his own activities and responding yes or no whenasked if he needed to use the toilet. He was not able to control his bowel movements,express a need to use the toilet and answer what to do if questions involving personalresponsibility.

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