Emily Born To Be Different Essay

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You can be sure, that when she was alive, she did not publish any book she wrote. All her poems were published only after her death. She was not famous and no one knew about her life, but after her death, when her friends published all her poems, she became very popular among the people. It was the sensation in the world of the literature, because her poems are very interesting and informative.

She is believed to be the classic of the literature in the USA and you will be interested in her poems. If you wish, you can place the order on our site and the persuasive essay writer will be glad to provide you with the Emily Dickinson essays.

But if you think, that her life was full with the different events, unfortunately, you are wrong. She did not like to be among people and spent all her life in the house of her father. But later she decided to live only in her own room and she even did not visit the other rooms, which were in her house. The members of her family were the only people, which can speak with her. If you wish to check the essays, our writers can write for you, it is possible to do on our site.

The interesting fact is, that she did not have a lot of friends. She sent a lot of letters to the different people, but she refused to meet these people anywhere. She spent all her time in the house and she did not like the visitors. It was more comfortable for her to exchange with the different thoughts via letters than to communicate with the different people.

The other fact is, that she had never loved the other person. Some people think, that it is not true, but from the other side, she spent all her life at home and this feeling was not shown in her poems.

Her favorite subjects were psychology and religion. She could read a lot of books on these themes. It seems, that she was the spirit, but she had the beautiful soul. Some people can say, that she just wasted her life, but the other people can say, that her soul was very kind and she created a lot of different poems. You can get a different essay from our writers, because of it, even if you need the class observation essay, you can contact us any time you wish.

The interesting fact is, that people, which live in the cities and people, which live in the villages can accept the world in the different ways. She showed all her feelings in her poems, but she did not want to publish them.

As you can see, she wrote a lot of poems about the death. It was the main theme of her poems. No one knows, why exactly she chose this theme. Some poems can show, that she is afraid of the death, but some poems can show, that she is waiting for it. Because it is very difficult to tell you the result of the analysis of her poems. She explains this process in her poems and it is as she can see it. Sometimes, the reader can see, as Emily literally dye in the poem to explain the reader everything.

If you read her poems, you will see, that they are divided into several groups. Here you can see the analysis of each of them.

1)This group shows, how exactly she accepts the world and which feelings she has. The readers can understand, what exactly she wants to say and how it should be accepted. Here we are able to find more information about Emily, because she explains us her soul.

2)Here you can see the connection with the nature. She liked animals and the nature a lot. Because of it, she described them in her poems. You even cannot imagine, how it is possible to explain the nature in the poems, It should be something like the gift, because she wrote the exact words.

3)The next group shows the people. That their inner world is something special and because of it, we should develop it a lot. Also, at that time she had a lot of depressions. She did not want to live and she did not see any hope for the future. Because of it, her poems are black and they are not alive. It seems, like the depression was for some long period of time.

4)But after that, her thoughts were changed and the last group of poems is full with the hope. She wrote a lot of successful poems at that time and because of it, this period of time is the best one among the other periods.

If you wish to know the biography of Emily, then you should know, that she was born in the USA in 1830. She died in 1886. She studied in the college, where her grandfather was the director. Her grandfather was a very rich person at that time.

Her wish to write the poems appeared after the present for Christmas. She got the book and she really liked it. This book changed all her life. She lived in the house of her father, but in 1862 she moved to the other city. She had the huge depression because of this fact. She even refused from the poems, but after some time she started to write them again.

It is possible to see there the deep inner world. She also met the pastor, who checked her poems and helped her a lot. Her friends also suggested her to publish the poems, because they were beautiful, but she refused. She collected them and saved on the table. She had a lot of poems, but she only saved on her table. Only after her death, her friends decided to publish them.

Unfortunately, she had a lot of problems with her eyes, she was in hospital and almost two years she did not write any poem. After her illness, she decided to live at home and never left her room, Her sister and her brother with the wife lived together with Emily in the same house. They helped her a lot.

As you can see, despite of the fact, that she wanted to be alone, she wrote a lot of successful poems. If you read them, you will be able to see the inner world of the poems.

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