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Operations Management Case Study

Case Title:

Made in India

Publication Month and Year : December 2009

Authors: Siva V. Gabbita

Industry: General Business

Region: India

Case Code: OM0031

Teaching Note:  Available

Structured Assignment: Not Available


Rajesh is an entrepreneur, who has cherished the desire to provide exquisite cuisine and a fine dining experience to connoisseurs of good food. He wanted to utilise operations management techniques in process selection and design in his business operations. He believes that a production process is influenced by the product/ service it produces, sales forecast, production technology etc. The production technology is also critical in process selection which in turn to decide capacity planning, facilities layout, jobs, etc. He designed two processes designs and has to decide among them for adaptation. Finally he uses the Product-process Matrix framework in order make a process selection decision.

      The case study may be used for understand:
  • Usage of product-process matrix to locate production process
  • Product and process design
  • Conducting a breakeven analysis.

Operations Management, Types of Processes, Process Flow, Process Selection, Product-Process matrix, Jumbled Flow, Disconnected Line flow, Connected Line Flow, Assembly Line, Continuous Flow, Manufacturing Process design, Profitability Analysis Course Case Mapping

  • Introduction
  • Suggested Questions for Discussion

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