Pdhpe Preliminary Bibliography

Written by a highly experienced author, Chemistry 1: Preliminary Course with eBookPLUS provides the most comprehensive coverage of the Chemistry Preliminary Course in New South Wales.

This text and CD-ROM package provides a complete resource for students. The text covers all syllabus requirements - content, practical investigations and data analysis activities. The CD-ROM contains the full text, animations that illustrate key concepts and a huge range of additional revision questions.

Text Features

Text that closely follows the syllabus dot points, with clear and accurate explanations and an appropriate depth of content

A range of clearly presented sample problems, with questions at the end of each numbered section

Practical activities and Data analysis activities at the end of each chapter to support all syllabus investigations

Key terms highlighted and defined throughout chapters and in a complete glossary
CD-ROM Features

The entire text

Animations of key concepts

Word files for all question sets

Checkpoint revision questions

Module revision questions

Fully worked solutions for all text and CD-ROM questions


Core Module 1: The chemical Earth
Chapter 1
Mixtures in the Earth
1.1 Classification of matter
1.2 Mixtures and the spheres of the Earth
1.3 Physical separation techniques
1.4 Gravimetric analysis
1.5 Industrial separation of mixtures

Chapter 2 Elements
2.1 Classifying elements
2.2 The properties and uses of elements

Chapter 3 Compounds
3.1 The structure of the atom
3.2 Ions and ionic bonding
3.3 Molecules and covalent bonding

Chapter 4 Chemical extraction
4.1 Physical and chemical change
4.2 Energy and chemical change

Chapter 5 Bonding and structure
5.1 Properties and classification
5.2 Lattices

Core Module 2: Metals
Chapter 6
Metals and alloys
6.1 History of Metals
6.2 Alloys

Chapter 7 Metals and reactions
7.1 Metals and their reactivity
7.2 Reactivity and uses of metals

Chapter 8 The periodic table
8.1 The historical development of the periodic table
8.2 Periodic trends

Chapter 9 Gravimetric analysis
9.1 Atomic weight and the mole theory
9.2 Empirical and molecular formulae

Chapter 10 Extraction and recycling of metals
10.1 Ores and resources
10.2 Extraction and recycling

Core Module 3: Water
Chapter 11
Water in nature
11.1 Distribution and importance of water

Chapter 12 Structure and bonding in water
12.1 Intermolecular forces and the polarity of molecules
12.2 Interactions with water

Chapter 13 Solutions and solubility
13.1 Solutions and precipitation
13.2 Concentration of solutions

Chapter 14 Water and energy
14.1 Energy changes in aqueous systems

Core Module 4: Energy
Chapter 15
Photosynthesis and fuels
15.1 Chemical energy from fossil fuels

Chapter 16 Carbon and carbon compounds
16.1 Carbon
16.2 Hydrocarbons

Chapter 17 Combustion and reaction kinetics
17.1 Combustion
17.2 Reaction kinetics

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